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What is the best team in Pokemon Yellow?


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I am going to start playing the game and have some some research and am trying to construct a team before I start. My idea for my team would be


Golem ( My defensive tank)


Alakazam ( A very broken Gen 1 Pokemon)


Charizard (For Flying and it's power)


Snorlax ( Well rounded and can learn a large amount of TM's and HM's)


Venonat ( To help against Gym Leaders, good overall)


Blastoise ( For surf and to add a different type)


You are welcome to describe your Pokemon Yellow team to me!

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It sounds like a good team, but are you actually using an unevolved Venonat? Or did you mean to say Venomoth?

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Oops meant venomoth.


I have changed my team though. I have researched and found that grass and bug types don't do to sell in Gen 1.


Speed rules Gen 1. My team now looks like













I just can't believe that you have to trade to get Alakazam, Golem, and etc. pretty frustrating.


Any feedback on my team would be nice. I plan on starting soon. I just want a plan going into the game.


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