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Looking for some FA and Gold Trainers

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LF: Gold Trainer's Mail X4

       FA Peeking red card X1


Paying ou7c4st prices rounded up or plus one pack.  Open to negotiations

Also looking for a couple of regular holo trainers

    Battle Comp x2

     float stone x 1

     Ultra Ball X 3

      Cynthia x 2


Message in game or here.  Thanks


Edit: Got Team Flare Grunt


Edit 2:  Got most of it now.  I have some Offers on the market.

                     Gold Trainer's Mail x1 ---Holo Float stone x1 ---------------For 4 UNB

                     Gold Trainer's Mail x1--Holo Battle Compressor x2--------------- For 4 UNB

                      Holo Cynthia x2 --Holo Ultra Ball x2 -----------------For 1 UNB


Thanks Again


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