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pokemon tcg league


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Greetings Pokefamily,

                                        I would like to start off by apologizing for my possible ignorance and or annoyance that I am about to spew all over this wonderful personally new found forum. I landed my somewhat dream job a little over a year ago now, I work at one of the largest hobby shops on the east coast of the US. Now this shop is still relatively young to this side of the country (a little over 2 1/2 years) and has mainly been an RC shop with trading cards, table top games and other activities I personally find fun and interesting have taken a back seat due to dare I say the lack of knowledge as to how giant this community is and how truly addicting the TCG and games are, however as of recently I've shown my boss how much money is in the TCG and table top genre of hobbies and how much fun they can be and have since been given the go ahead to start Pokemon TCG night (along with other various games on various days but am mainly interested in getting a Pokemon TCG League up and going) I've played the TCG with a few friends back in the day (I'm a 90's kid) and have recently picked it up again and of course played the heck out of the TCGO but have never ever actually been to a competition or event due to shops and leagues being far and few between in my region also my parents never being able to afford to buy my packs and decks probably has anothering thing to do with it. But now I'm actually getting paid to do these things but am quite a bit inexperienced when it comes to competitions let alone creating an event for my store to host. Is there anyone who can help me out here? Now I know there is a whole process of becoming a professor  and the website kind of explains the process but if I could possibly get some input and aid from an actual human being I feel like it wouldn't feel so staggering to set up something that I'd wished I'd been apart of since it's release all those years ago. If anyone could possibly give me actual help, pointers, and tips as to what to do I'd very very much appreciate it, I figured where better to try then here right?! Please and thank you if you find yourself able to aid me in my quest.


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