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Trade thread: Looking for some cards or packs


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Serperior (A)


Ho-oh (Full)


Beartic (Sheer)


Feraligatr (Prime)


Thundrus (FA)


Virizion (FA)


Tornadus (FA)


Blissey (Prime) x2


Coballion (Reg) x2


Terrakion (Reg) x2


Victini (v-Create)






Victini (V-blast) x2


Reuniclus (A)










3x Magnezone


1x Thundrus (any)






Please offer within reason. Thank you.






UPDATED: 12/16 9:35PST


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popandbop - I could do that, put it in your binder and I can send the offer. Do you have a preference on art? I have either CoL version or HGSS version of Tyrogue.




bubujojo - what? I do not need those cards.




tyranitar20 - I believe I could get two packs for Reuniclus given its popularity. Also using Gotaway's prices as a guide. Thank you though.




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