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Monkeymotz Official Trading Thread


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So, here's the deal. This is strictly a thread for you to trade your packs for my cards. I AM STRICTLY LOOKING FOR PACKS. If you wanna do cards for cards, you're going to have to be very persuasive and make offers in my favor. As for prices, just ask me what cards you'd like and I will give you the price quote on it and I would prefer if I could choose my packs as well if that isn't too much to ask. Welp, that is all! Please enjoy and have fun.


Here are the notable cards I have for trade:




Ho-oh Legend (1 top/3 bottom)


Lugia Legend (3 top/1 bottom)


Darkrai Cresselia Legend (1 top/1 bottom)


Entei Raikou Legend (0 top/1 bottom)


Palkia Dialga Legend (0 top/1 bottom)


Rayquaza Deoxys Legend (1 top/1 bottom)


Suicune Entei Legend (0 top/3 bottom)


Raikou Suicune Legend (1 top/2 bottom)




<strike>Yanmega Prime (1 available)</strike> <4 packs>


Meganium Prime (2 available) <1 pack>


Jumpluff (1 available) <1.5 packs>


Leavanny Ability (3 available) <1 pack>


Shaymin (1 available) <4 packs>


Serperior Ability (2 available) <1.5 packs>


<strike>Virizon (1 available)</strike> <2 packs>


Roserade (4 available) <1 pack>




Ninetails Ability [HGSS] (1 available) <1.5 packs>


Fliptini Promo/Regular/FA (1/0/1 available) <1/2/3>




<strike>Blastoise (2 available)</strike> <1 pack>


Beartic Sheer Cold (2 available) <1.5 packs>


Feraligator Prime (1 available) <2 packs>


Floatzel (4 available) <1 pack>


Golduck (3 available) <1 pack>


Kingdra Prime (1 available) <4 packs>


<strike>Kyurem (2 available)</strike> <4 packs>


Vanilluxe (2 available) <2 packs>




Ampharos Prime (1 available) <1 pack>


Pichu (1 available) <1 pack>


Lanturn Prime (1 available) <3 packs>




Crobat Prime (1 available) <2 packs>


Gengar Prime (3 available) <2 packs>


Gothitelle Ability (1 available) <2 packs>


V-blast Victini (1 available) <1 pack>


Mismagius Ability (2 available) <1 pack>


Jirachi (2 available) <1 pack>




Archeops (2 available) <1.5 packs>


Landorus (1 available) <2 packs>


Tyrogue (1 available) <1 pack>


Terrakion NV Reg/FA (1/0 available) <2/3 packs>




Hydreigon (2 available) <2 packs>


Scrafty (1 available) <0.5 pack>


Sharpedo (4 available) <0.5 pack>


Umbreon Prime (1 available) <1 pack>


Houndoom Prime (1 available) <1 pack>


Tyranitar Prime (3 available) <3 packs>




Haxorus (2 available) <2 packs>


Cinccino [Do the Wave] (1 available) <2 packs>


Ursaring Prime (1 available) <1.5 packs>


Trainer, Supporter, and Special Energy:


Pokemon Collector (1 available) <2 packs>


Pokemon Catcher (2 available) <3 packs>


Rare Candy (2 available) <3 packs>


Double Colorless Energy (1 available) <2 packs>














I also have plenty of other trainers, just ask about them and I'll see if I have it for you. These will be priced at <0.5 pack> each.


<strike> </strike>








Of course these are not all my cards, just the ones I thought I would put up. If you are looking for other cards feel free to ask as I might have them.


Well I believe that is all, have fun and happy trading!




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HI there u gt 1 really cool thread.


anyway i really need a roserade and it doesnt worth 1 whole pack so i have o give ya cards, how about i give ya an espeon(holo)+blackbelt(holo) fr it?


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@bubujojo Please read the Disclaimer. I am really mostly just looking for packs. I'll trade the samurott for 1 pack and 1 special dark energy though.


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I've got plenty of those tyranitar20. And please read the Disclaimer. I'm mainly looking for packs. If you want to trade me cards for my cards, it needs to be highly in my favor.


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@VikesRule Can I get 2 HGSS? and I can do the trade right now, just let me know when the packs are in your binder.


Alright they are up now!




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@VikesRule Can I get 2 HGSS? and I can do the trade right now, just let me know when the packs are in your binder.


Alright they are up now!





Trade sent! Thanks for the fast and easy trade :D


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