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Virtual Currency for purchasing cards?


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I see in the shop that there are three types of currency. Can anyone please describe what all three of them can purchase (boosters, decks, avatar accessories, etc) and how to legally obtain them?


I played pokemon tcg IRL a while ago, but no-one I know plays it anymore (and tournament players seem to have an infinite amount of money to pump into their decks), so I may start playing the tcg online if it turns out to be convenient. So far, I'm happy with the basic yellow deck I have, but I want to know how I would go about getting more cards other than through redeeming codes (if there is any legal way, of course)


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Gems: Not released yet. Scheduled to be released sometime next year. Going to be used to purchase accessories with. I'm thinking they take real money too.


Tokens: Gained playing minigames at the official pokemon site and by playing Expert matches. There's a limit on how many you can earn in a certain time period, but I forgot the number sad_smile.png... Used to buy only Pokemon Trainer Club avatar items right now. Might later on be used to buy booster packs...


Booster Credits: Each code redeemed gives one booster credit. Used to buy packs and blisters of your choice.


So basically, you'll need to get Booster Credits or else you won't have any cards aside from the free decks.


You could try just buying a few packs and trading them for cards like Catchers and then trading upwards for profit.


(People accept one pack for Catchers while you could get cards valued at 3 packs in total for one)


EDIT: This is kind of like real life :P You're going to need to spend lots of cash if you want to compete against the people with all the good cards.


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