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some cards for packs


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Looking to trade cards for packs. Here are some cards I'll trade for packs






2 packs


(1 beartic/2 cubcoo set),




1 pack






0.5 packs


durant, juniper, rocky helmet, great ball, darumaka BW promo 18, revive, energy retrieval, magmortar (triumphant)




0.25 pack


vanillite, frillish, pawniard, pansear, pansage, cryogonal #32, mienfoo, ferroseed, shelmet, sewaddle, swadloon, larvesta, dwebble, galvantula, axew,






I am willing to negotiate prices, pack totals are rounded up, i have limited amounts of all of them except for some trainer cards. Any pack set will do so don't worry about having to have a specific kind, though i'd prefer NV, EP, Triumphant, or Unleashed.




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