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Golduck's Amnesia attack (team up 27)


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I was using my Golduck (Team up 27) in a theme battle versus another torrential cannon theme deck. The opponent's golduck used Amnesia on my golduck and I couldn't use my attack (in this case Swim), however, when I used Amnesia on his golduck, I couldn't choose which attack to disable. On his next turn (following mine) there was no effect nor an arrow to indicate that i disabled the attack, and he could still use Amnesia.


The only think i noticed is that my golduck had 3 water energies and his only 2 water energies.

I don't have the log.


This is the text of the attack:

Choose 1 of your opponent's Active Pokémon's attacks. That Pokémon can't use that attack during your opponent's next turn.

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