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Looking for cards, have tradeable packs


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Hi all, I know I have been extremely inactive lately (as said in my last post) but I am trying to find time for the forums.

I have been doing a bunch of tournaments and have a collection of packs to trade.

i will post a list of the packs at the bottom and add any others I have aqquired as well as the ones I have traded below that.

So, if anyone wants to trade for some packs for any of the cards I have listed below (or any others they may think I want) please say. Also, if anyone could post how much each of the packs and cards are worth that would be greatly appreciated to help with trading (also suggest any sites that already have the value of cards and packs).

Cards I am looking for:

Darkrai Ex (dark pulse) (2)

Darkrai Gx (1)

Greninja and Zoroak GX (3)

dark patch (4)

hypnotoxic laser (4)


Packs for trade:

1 boundaries crossed

1 next destinies

1 plasma freeze

1 burning shadows

2 crimson invasion

1 guardians rising

1 lost thunder

3 team up

1 ultra prism

3 uncommin chests

1 break through

1 evoloutions

1 fates collide

1 steam seige

2 noble victories


2 forbidden light

1 celestial storm


pls send a friend request if you want to trade 


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The only price guide that's even close to "current" is OU7C4ST (google it).  It should help give you a decent idea of where you are, and what packs you might offer in Public trading.  There are a couple random spreadsheets floating around, but they're very outdated and usually higher-end Gem promos and such.

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Rarest Parrot1, I have just looked to do a trade but you don’t have any darkrai gx’s or ex’s tagged??? Also, I may also try and trade for one of your greninja and zoroaks as well as the darkrais (once they are tagged), are you willing to consider trading them???

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