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Packs for Cards - Wanted: Pokemon/Energy

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I can trade S&M Unbroken Bonds or other packs for the cards that I am looking for.


* 2 Team Aqua's Poochyena DCR 16 (Foil)

* 1 Umbreon PR-BLW 93

* 4 Shaymin UL 8 (Foil)

* 1 Pikachu HS 78 (Foil)


* 10 Darkness Energy CL 94 (Foil)

* 3 Double Aqua Energy DCR 33 (Foil)

* 8 Psychic Energy CL 92 (Foil)


I'll update as I get the cards I need. IGN is Sevrim. Feel free to add me for trades.

Edited by Sevrim
Updated list.

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