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LF Cards for a couple decks.  UNB packs for cards


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I need the following:


LF: Super Rod x1

Dimension Valley x4

Mysterious Treasure x4

VS Seeker X3

Computer Search X1

Mystery Energy x4

Wonder Energy x1

Aromatisse x2- the one with Fairy Transfer

Diantha x1

Max Elixir x3

Power Plant x3

Silent Lab x 2

Brigette x4

Fightning Fury Belt x1

Float Stone x4

Tapu Lele x1- the one with Magical Swap

Espeon Ex x1

Marshadow- with let loose x1

Phantump x 4

Trevenant x4

Trevenant break x3

Tapu lele gx x1

Woobuffet x1


I can trade UNB packs for these things. I can find most of the Pokemon on the market. Having trouble finding the older cheap trainers and Aromatisse for some reason. Any help would be great. Name in game is Pokematt444. Thanks for your help.

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