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I'm back at my place, and the Internet is finally up and working again! I don't recall for sure what pack I got from the code Offline gave me, and I have two (three, technically, as I just got one now) - one is trade locked and the other tradeable, so I presume it's the one that is tradeable, but I'm not 100% certain - so will be sharing pulls from all the packs I currently have. Without further ado, from the Sun & Moon - Celestial Storm pack (locked), I got the following: unknown Energy (pink and almost looks like hands cupped holding a cross), Torchic, Shuppet, Mudkip, Bagon, Whismur, Plusle, Minun, Combusken, Wingull (animated background on text foil rarity), and Wailord. Next, from a Sun & Moon - Ultra Prism pack (the one I just received in-game), I got: Steel Energy, Passimian, Hippopotas, Buneary, Cherubi, Magnemite, Purugly, Grotle, Fire Memory, Cosmoem (animated background on text foil rarity), and Palkia GX (animated background foil rarity). Finally, I got the following from an XY - Evolutions pack (tradeable, and pretty sure from Offline): Electric Energy, Tangela, Poliwag, Seel, Magikarp, Double Colourless Energy, Charizard Spirit Link, Metapod, Staryu (animated background on text foil rarity), and Mewtwo.


I'm really excited about that Palkia I got - it seems like an incredibly good card! Not really sure anything else is particularly good, but it all adds to my collection! ;)





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