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My 3rd Day Login 5 Bonus Packs Gone!


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Hi everyone,


I'm a new Pokemon TCG player, and it's my 3rd day playing this awesome game.


When I login a moment ago, I saw I got 5 bonus packs. 


I was so **** exciting and opened one of the pack. 


Afterward, for some reason, I've been auto logout from the game. 


When I re-login ********* other 4 bonus packs have gone without trace!!!


I was ************* there any bug for this particular matter?


Where can I find my other 4 unopened bonus packs?


Thanks for reading it and hope some of you here will give me some feedbacks about it!

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That sometimes happens to me, too.

Have you checked in the log/mail box at the top right of the screen ?

Everthing was there as far as I'm concerned.


Good luck.

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