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Double energies counting as 1 on retreat?


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I'm not sure if I've missed a recent update or something (havent been on in a while) but i've noticed that when retreating, standard double energies are only counting as 1 energy now?

Eg. I tried to retreat Glaceon-EX which requires 2 energy. It wouldn't allow me to unless I gave up the water energy as well (3 energy). There were no cards in play that effected my retreat requirements.

Can anyone confirm?

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Was it Double Colorless Energy specifically? If it was something like a Counter Energy or a Super Boost Energy, it's possible you didn't meet the requirements to make it count as a multi energy.


If it really was a plain old DCE then I dunno. You either didn't notice whatever was increasing your retreat cost or this is in fact a bug. Has this happened more than once?

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Basically, the game is giving you a choice.  You can choose both Energy from the Double Colorless (and Retreat), or one Water and one of the Double Colorless.  Unless the game is bugged/broken, this working as intended.  Just select the Double Colorless, and Done.


I hope these card rulings (in the spoiler) give you a better idea of what's happening...



Q. Can I use Umbreon-GX's "Dark Call GX" attack to discard 2 Double Colorless Energy?
A. Yes, you can select 1 Energy of each Double Colorless Energy to discard both of them. This applies for discarding your own Energy for an attack and for retreating as well. So if you used Hoopa-EX's "Hyperspace Fury" attack or paid its Retreat Cost of 2, discarding 2 Double Colorless Energy would be legal options. (Jan 26, 2017 TPCi Rules Team; Jun 27, 2017 TPCi Rules Team)


Q. Pinsir's "Power Pinch" attack says "flip two coins; for each heads, discard an Energy attached to the Defending Pokemon". If I flip only one heads, can I discard a Double Colorless Energy (DCE) from the Defending Pokemon?
A. Yes, you can. (Next Destinies FAQ; Feb 9, 2012 TPCi Rules Team)


Q. Pidgeotto's "Twister" attack says to discard an Energy attached to the Defending Pokemon for each heads flipped. Does that mean if I only flip one heads I cannot discard a Double Colorless Energy?
A. Actually, you can discard a DCE with a single heads. It's like paying a Retreat Cost with an Energy Card that has more energy than required to retreat. Total the number of flips, then discard Energy Cards one at a time until the condition has been met. So if you flip one heads you can discard a single Energy Card with one or more energy on it. But if you flip two heads you can either choose a card with one energy then another card with one or more energy, or you can choose a single card with two or more energy on it. (Nov 3, 2011 PUI Rules Team)



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Nvm what I said xd If you can select the DCE first and the game doesn't ask you for an additional energy then you're good, so try doing that. If despite doing that the game still wants you to discard all the energies then there's something weird, but it's very likely you just clicked on the water energy first.

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Hi all! I worked it out :)

So in previous versions when I played, the 2 slot retreat cost would automatically fill when I selected the double energy first, this doesn't happen anymore (at least not for me).

Now it only fills one slot, showing that you still need to fill the other in order to retreat.

I just hit 'done' despite not filling the other slot and it worked fine.

Weird change.. it makes it really unclear now, as before the double colorless would automatically fill both slots needed to retreat.

Thanks anyways!

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