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Trying to get some playable stuff


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Hey looking for gengar specifically as I haven’t played in a while and medical stuff well I’m frequenting hospitals but doing good so can’t complain 

however I downloaded app back and my deck is unplayable, I tried to get some newer cards and almost all me good stuff well my best stuff for sure is all locked from trading I understand the feature is to prevent scammers but how am I supposed to make better deck and get new cards when I don’t have good value 


 so gengar is always favorite Pokémon his ex and mega are Ex I have 

 I really want the tag team but I got. Different one and it’s locked what’s unlocked I haven’t tagged for trade is because I don’t see anyone wanting 


any advice on how to go forward? Or should I just delete app 


also so most of my ghastly gengar and haunter cards are not playable in any deck currently why I wonder if newer cards will actually play 

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You should be able to play your decks in Expanded, assuming you don't have banned cards in them (like Hex and Ghestis).


To get tradable packs you can play in Events. I would recommend buying a new Theme deck and playing in Theme events, since you don't have an updated constructed deck currently. You could also buy Pikachu Avatar Boxes from the gameplay section of the store. Those are tradable and can be offered for cheap cards, like maybe a baby Gengar or new Ghastly/Haunter cards.


You could also buy some code cards, which normally cost around 50 cents to get tradable booster packs which you can then use to make your own trades for cards you need, like the new Gengar Tag Team. You could also start 'trading up' in value (buy low, sell high).

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