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Official Pokemon MMO-like game coming soon?


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Hey everyone, just seen the latest trailer for Sword and Shield, and some of the things that were shown has started to raise some questions I just got to ask.  After looking up Sword and Shield, mainly to see what features were announced for it, and I can't help but wonder if by some chance somewhere between Gen VIII and IX, even IX itself, that we would be seeing signs of an MMO coming to life?  Where if there is going to be an official Pokemon MMORPG, that Nintendo and GameFreak would add a new division to the Pokemon Company that focuses primarily on running it, or like with Pokemon Go, contract it out with another company?  Or a game that has MMO like features, but is still pretty much the same game through and through?


The reason I started bringing this up, is after seeing the trailers, and what's been popping up lately, started to some things that might be building up towards what I mentioned, a possible Pokemon MMO.  I mean, if one were to start looking back at Gen V, when Pokemon Black and White came onto the scene, then one would see how it changed a whole lot of things involving Pokemon.  One of them being able to connect to the world with the wi-fi that DSi has built in, along with the graphics.  Than you start moving on to say Gen VII, where you have the Festival Plaza that serves as a connection to other players, along with gaining quests, that gives it a bit of a MMO feeling.  And now, with Gen VIII doing things that I can't mentioned without the risk of giving out spoilers, be amazing if the game itself doesn't end up hinting what is about to come in the near future.  One of them probably being hints towards a Diamond and Pearl remake, another would probably be hint towards the anime somehow.


Other than that, chances are I might be spouting out nonsense, but then again, sometimes I end up proven right sometime down the road.


Well, I don't really much else to add, but if anybody does remember something, or notice something, feel free to share.

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