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MATZ advice?


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3 Absol (prime)


3-2-2 Tyranitar (prime)


3-2 Zoroark (foul play)


2 Mew (prime)


1 tornadus






2 rare candy


1 dual ball


1 revive


2 pokemon communication


1 junk arm


1 switch


2 super scoop up


2 pokemon catcher


1 eviolite


2 pokegear 3.0


1 copycat


2 prof elm training method


2 Pokemon collector


1 Judge


2 Professor Juniper


2 professor Oak's new theory


1 sage's training


1 seeker






4 darkness energy (special)


11 darkness energy




Basically, this deck is trying to get absol prime in the active spot immediately, while feeding energies to mew prime on the bench. If I can't seem to get any mew primes in my hand, I included a full Tyranitar evolution chain. Zoroark is mainly there to deal with ZEST decks, one normal darkness energy and one special darkness energy can one-hit zekrom while only taking 40 damage.


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With Tornadus, the deck could use DCE quite well.


With the Mew t,he deck could use 1 or two energy from him were Absol unavailable that turn.


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