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Damage incorrectly calculated on baby Alolan Ninetales


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Relevant portion of the log:


    54. freezekent attached a Muscle Band to Marshadow-GX.

    55. freezekent played Ultra Ball.

    56. freezekent drew Hoopa-EX.

    57. freezekent put Hoopa-EX onto the Bench.

    58. freezekent's Hoopa-EX used its Scoundrel Ring Ability.

    59. freezekent drew Shaymin-EX.

    60. freezekent drew Glaceon-EX.

    61. freezekent drew Regirock-EX.

    62. freezekent put Regirock-EX onto the Bench.

    63. freezekent put Shaymin-EX onto the Bench.

    64. freezekent's Shaymin-EX used its Set Up Ability.

    65. freezekent drew Computer Search.

    66. freezekent drew Jolteon-EX.

    67. freezekent drew VS Seeker.

    68. freezekent played Mysterious Treasure.

    69. freezekent drew Latios-EX.

    70. freezekent played Computer Search.

    71. freezekent drew Professor Sycamore.

    72. freezekent played Professor Sycamore.

    73. freezekent drew Rainbow Energy.

    74. freezekent drew VS Seeker.

    75. freezekent drew Ultra Ball.

    76. freezekent drew Double Colorless Energy.

    77. freezekent drew Sky Field.

    78. freezekent drew Cynthia.

    79. freezekent drew Float Stone.

    80. freezekent's Marshadow-GX used Fast Raid and did 70 damage to Gsilvac's Alolan Vulpix.

    81. freezekent took a Prize card.

    82. Cutiefly became Gsilvac's new Active Pokémon.

    83. Gsilvac's Alolan Vulpix was Knocked Out.

    ****** is now Gsilvac's turn (Turn ****

    85. Gsilvac drew a card.

    86. Gsilvac attached a Fairy Energy to Alolan Vulpix.

    87. Gsilvac put Alolan Ninetales onto the Bench.

    88. Gsilvac's Alolan Vulpix evolved into Alolan Ninetales.

    89. Gsilvac played Colress.

    90. Gsilvac drew a card.

    91. Gsilvac drew a card.

    92. Gsilvac drew a card.

    93. Gsilvac drew a card.

    94. Gsilvac drew a card.

    95. Gsilvac drew a card.

    96. Gsilvac played Wondrous Labyrinth {*}.

    97. Gsilvac played Nest Ball.

    98. Gsilvac put Ralts onto the Bench.

    99. Gsilvac's Cutiefly retreated.

    100. Alolan Ninetales became Gsilvac's new Active Pokémon.

    ******* is now freezekent's turn (Turn #4).

    102. freezekent drew Ultra Ball.

    103. freezekent attached a Double Colorless Energy to Marshadow-GX.

    104. Gsilvac's Wondrous Labyrinth {*} was moved to the Lost Zone.

    105. freezekent played Sky Field.

    106. freezekent played Ultra Ball.

    107. freezekent drew Regirock-EX.

    108. freezekent put Regirock-EX onto the Bench.

    109. freezekent played Cynthia.

    110. freezekent drew Professor Sycamore.

    111. freezekent drew Float Stone.

    112. freezekent drew Hoopa-EX.

    113. freezekent drew Muscle Band.

    114. freezekent drew Choice Band.

    115. freezekent drew Double Colorless Energy.

    116. freezekent's Marshadow-GX used Psyshock and did 90 damage to Gsilvac's Alolan Ninetales.



I've got Marshadow-GX set up - muscle band attached (+20 damage) and 2 regirock-ex on the bench (+20 damage).

Copying psyshock from espeon-ex, should do 70 damage (it goes through the baby a. ninetales effect) + 20 + 20 damage for 110 damage (and the knockout).  Instead it only did 90 ********** I did not get the knockout.

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Hello freezekent,


Thank you for reporting this.


From what I see, everything should add up to 110 damage like you said. If possible, could you post a full game log for this? I want to double check and make sure there was nothing else in play that could have reduced the damage by 20. Feel free to use a spoiler tag if you want when posting  game logs as it will make the post a bit easier to read if you have any additional information to give about the issue.

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Sorry, I didn't save the log.  I'll note that this isn't the first time I've notice it -- it's only on the baby alolan ninetales - I think what is happening is that it is blocking the added damage from the regirock-ex.

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