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LF Steel trading Kyurem+primes


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Ok, I'm looking to try a new deck and get away from grass types for a bit. currently on my wanted list is:


Special Metal energy x4


Collector x2


Steelix Prime x2


Scizor x2


For trade I have:


Kyurem x2


Electrode Prime x1


Machamp Prime x1


Urasaring Prime x1


If there is anything else you want, feel free to ask, I may have it.


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I have:


2x Collector


1x Spec Metal


1x Scizor




I want:


2x Kyurem


1x Electrode




2 of the cards I want for the four cards I have from your wants?


Otherwise, offer me ;)


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Masaki = deal, putting cards in my binder now, hopefully it won't leak before you log on. going to be on for an hour, then i should be on tonight for a few hours.


Bharmalm=same, send me the offer.


Hamp = I agree with Masaki's assessment of the cards value, except I always had special energy down for 0.5p. So, I'd offer my remaining Kyurem for your four cards, but most people value it at six so it's your call.


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