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Announcements from today's Pokemon press conference


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A brief recap of the announcements:

  • A new Detective Pikachu game will be coming to the Switch.
  • Pokemon Masters: New mobile game releasing this year that will let you battle with major trainers from the main series games.
  • Pokemon Quest will be coming to China with an enhanced version of the game supporting PVP and social features.
  • Pokemon HOME: New cloud service coming for Switch and mobile in early 2020 with support for Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Go, the Let's Go games, and Sword and Shield.
  • Pokemon Sleep: New mobile app releasing in 2020 that tracks your sleeping time which will bring a "gameplay experience unlike any other." In relation to that, sleeping Snorlax can now be found in Pokemon Go.
  • Pokemon Go Plus +: New device that's basically an enhanced Pokemon Go Plus, including an embedded accelerometer that works with Pokemon Sleep.
  • Pokemon Shirts: New clothing service in Japan with made-to-order designs featuring the gen 1 Pokemon. It'll also be coming to the US and Europe at a later date.
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