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Confusing Moderator Edits And How To Handle Them


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Let me preface this by stating:


  1. Moderating isn't easy
  2. I do appreciate those who moderate
  3. This is not an angry post XD
  4. This is Forum Feedback and not Game Feedback


Someone "reacted" (as in the board feature) to an older comment of mine.  Which meant I noticed now, almost four years later, that a Moderator had to edit it.  Okay, no big deal.


The thing is, I don't completely understand the reason for the edit, and since I want to avoid posting things I'm not supposed to, that is a bit of an issue for me.  I know of know way to see my original post, which I don't completely remember.  I can't tell if a single word was removed or an entire sentence.  Though the moderator did fill in the "Reason For Edit" box, with the information I have it doesn't make sense.


In a thread discussing the Expanded Format, someone posted to tell us that we were using the wrong name for the Expanded Format (we weren't).  I corrected that person, but mentioned they may have been thinking of a different TCG, where the name they used is the name of that game's Format which is equivalent to Expanded.  They also stated that the PTCGO Expanded Format is almost identical to the PTCGO Unlimited Format. I posted a response about both things.  It included some conjecture about why our version is called Expanded, where I named yet a third game.  The Moderator Edit was to censor the name of the first "other TCG".  The name of the second "other TCG" was left visible.  The Moderator note said we are supposed to discuss Pokémon, not other games...


...but it seems like only one of the "other games" I mentioned was edited out.  I also brought these up in discussion of the Pokémon TCG, though it was tangential enough I probably should have left them out.  Regardless, this means I only half understand what I ought not to do.  I don't think I can PM the moderator in question (I looked for a way to do this, but didn't see it), so I cannot ask them directly.  Assuming they even remember after four years. O_o  Just kind of curious where I'd inquire to get things cleared up.


For reference:



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4-1/2 years later??  I forget my posts after 4 days.  :huh:


I'm guessing this moderator mistakenly didn't notice the second instance, or it probably would have been edited out too.  This would fall into the "No soliciting" category, right?  I know that posts looking for Xbox partners are deleted, along with those pointing to offsite games, other fan sites, streaming channels, etc.  The rule seems simple enough.


On a side note (attn: moderators), I notice that the link to Guidelines (aka forum rules) is broken.


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  • Mod_Turtle locked this topic

Hello Otakutron,


Thank you for your feedback.


I went ahead and edited the original thread to provide consistency. Topics not related to Pokémon are not permitted to be discussed on the forum. This includes other games or companies not related to Pokémon. If a thread is edited, the moderation staff will always list a reason why. If you ever have a question about a thread edit, please feel free to contact the support team and they will provide you with as much information as possible. I hope this answers your questions! For now I will be closing this thread.

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