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Any deck building website?


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I'm coming back to TCGO and I was wondering if there are any websites with built decks (for Standard format). Like Hearthstone, Magic etc, where you can see other ppl submiting their decks, discuss builds.


Right now I'm playing with theme decks. But every time I try a standard deck I end up with really bad and useless decks, that's why I'm asking. Basically, I need help building these decks. A good guide would be welcome aswell (I didn't find any).


Thanks in advance.

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What about this forums?


You can read a lot in this same subforum about Expanded and Standard, what are the staple cards in each format, how to build a good deck and submit your own project and ask for help. Even you could get sometimes free cards from some players.


Of course there are some outside sites. Just search with your browser Meta decks TCG or Pokémon decks, and so. You'll find other forums, pokémon pages focused on Meta and thousands of videos in the most popular site of the internet.


Here, take care also with the censor, it likes a bunch to replace your words as much as it can with *****. Some posts needs ingenious edit now and then.

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