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Apology and a question.


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I Apologize for my Unova outburst... I have learned to accept it (but not love it) i agree it is all pokemon,


I'm sorry. *bowing head*


But i have a question how do you upload a picture on to your post from your desk top? ( I want to upload a couple of picture pertaining to a make your own pokemon thread idea.)


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No worries about that, we simply would prefer to not have threads with a negative outlook, as that can simply cause more arguments and negativity. Many people highly prefer the original 150, others may like another generation. There is no right or wrong on your personal preference.




To answer your question, you'll need to have another site which you can host images on, like imgur, or photobucket or anything similar. Then simply click Insert/Edit image button and add it in. Thanks!




Prof Proto


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Hey there JJJBBB!




This is a popular topic that has received much discussion. At this time the only way to earn booster credits is by buying the specially marked boosters or corresponding decks to redeem codes from. I'm sure that you'll find plenty of discussion and suggestions about earning boosters otherwise by using the search function at the top left of the forums! You can also find more information about booster credits and redeemable boosters in Prof. Steel's Code Redemtion thread.




Since I don't want this thread to derail into one of those many discussions, this topic will be closed. Thanks!







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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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