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For those who don't know: the front cards of the 2 Theme Decks are known: Reshiram and Zekrom. I guess we'll get watered down versions of the decks the Japanese got (they got the Ex versions, with much better build decks (20 Trainers, for example)). The lists aren't known though, and it will probably take some time for the lists to become known. Still, since the setlist is known for a great part, we can already see some cards that will be in when looking at the Fire cards and Lightning cards (it's usually pretty obvious what will be in and what not), and perhaps also some Trainers/Supporters (like Cilan, which is the only Supporter known so far. If it really is the only one, we'll definitely see it in at least once).




Seeing as we once again get a Fire Theme Deck (wow, Fire doesn't get neglected in the TCG, that sure is a surprise when looking at the Pokemon RPG!) in a set that once again has Pansear and Simisear (different versions once again), who else thinks we're going to see those in the deck once again? Seriously overused...


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I remember the time when at least one theme deck per set in the entire fourth generation had Grass in it, and it was driving me up the wall, since the ones with grass in it are shelf warmers, or the least liked.




What I predict for Reshiram's deck is this. Fire and Water, or Fire and Steel, just cause these 2 combinations haven't been done in a long time.




Likewise for Zekrom's deck, my prediction is Lightning and Grass, or Lightning and Darkness, just cause the 2 combinations haven't been done in a long time, especially Lightning and Darkness, uh huh, you know what it is, everything I do, I do it big.....




Yeah, exactly.






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