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Partner Pokemon in Ryme City


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Hey, since it has been two weeks since Detective Pikachu hit the theaters, and right now, I just gotta ask:  If you were living in Ryme City, what would your partner pokemon be?  And if you can't decide on just one, feel free to make a list of pokemon you would consider to be your top choices.


For me, my list of choices would be:


Vulpix, Kanto or Alola/Ninetales, Kanto or Alola



Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu, Kanto or Alola




And those are all I could think of right now.  If you want to share yours, go right ahead.

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Eevee, without a doubt. As for which Eeveelution...

Tied for second place-Umbreon, Leafeon,

Tied for third place-Glaceon, Jolteon

fpurth place-flareon

fifth place-jolteon

Sixth plave-vaporeon

dead last-sylveon


That said, Eevee is probably kinda rare (based on Pikachu's reaction on seeing one.) So...After Eevee, there are so many tied for choosing that I'm just gonna mention my faves-

Ralts, Totodile, Zubat(I like Crobat), Nidoran (M), Treecko, ... oh jeez, I'll just keep going on. All done here.

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