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Updated Traders:


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Wanted: Conkledurr(Craftsmanship), Zoroark(Foul Play), Druddigon, Bisharp(Steel), Rocky Helmet(x1),Virizion(Double Draw)




Traders: Volcarona, Magcargo, Blastoise(reverse), Cryogonal(Foil), Cryogonal, Jellicent(male), Chandelure, Landorus, Gigalith(Core Cannon), Victini(V-create)


I also have a Tyranitar Prime, but I figure thtas pretty rare so i might ask for a bit more for it.




Also i have been having trouble with keeping my binder updated... Anyone know the solution? Every time I add cards... tehy dont stay added...


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Hmm i need rare candies but those seem hard to come by on here... lol


lets see... Tyranitaur20: Hmm, Chandalure and Blastiose are both rare... And chandelure is pretty good... Tyranitaur priime is worth WAY more then those too as well...




JayKam: Deal! :)




MOnkeymotz: Sorry not a good deal for me :|


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I was going by real life card prices... LOL




Virizion is only worth 2-3 bucks


While rocky helmet is like .25c


Tyranitaur is 14, chandalure is between 3-4


And I would probably trade another uncommon for just the rocky helmet.


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