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Pokemon Shuffle


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13 Pokemon



x1 Shaymin


x2 Kyurem


x3 Thundurus


x3 Landorus


x3 Tornadaus


x1 Cleffa




30 Trainers/Supporters



x3 Junk Arm


x2 Lost Remover


x2 Power Plus


x3 Pokemon Catcher


x2 Defender


x3 Switch


x2 Rocky Helmet


x2 Interviewer's Questions


x3 Pokemon Collector


x4 Professor Oak's New Theory


x2 Seeker


x2 Twins




17 Energies



x3 Double Colorless Energy


x4 Rainbow Energy


x2 Rescue Energy


x4 Lightning Energy


x4 Fighting Energy






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Well I can't seem to get any shaymin atm so I was thinking two cleffa or now.


I took out the x2 Max Potion and put x2 Potion


took out the black belt for another x2 IQ


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