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Getting Private Trades w/o Being Tagged


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I'm curious.  Someone (in my friends list) just sent be a private trade, asking for cards that I don't even have "tagged" to trade.  I didn't think that was possible.  Am I missing something?  Without them being marked (with the double arrows), how was he even able to select them?


EDIT:  I had one of them tagged -- the Secret Rare.  Was he able to right-click the card, using Expand View, and look at others with the same name?  And then select them, even though they weren't tagged?  If so, that seems kind of busted to me.  With that method, you could send people private offers for cards they don't even own, or never meant to trade.


Another EDIT:  Sure enough, I just sent a private trade to one of my family members.  She only has one Pikachu tagged.  By right-clicking, I was able to select Gem Promo Pikachu and Gem Promo Raichu.  Of course, she can't accept the trade, because she doesn't own them.


@Staff/Moderators, should this be considered a bug?


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