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Marshadow-GX not copying copying attack of pokemon discarded from Sudowoodo's ability


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Starting off, I forgot to copy the game log....so this is mostly to see if others have encountered this issue.


Situation in expanded: My opponent has roadblock Sudowoodo in play.  Their Silent Lab is in play.  My jolteon-ex is active.


My Marshadow-GX is benched.


I retreat jolteon-ex, and have a full bench (five on the bench).


I play sky field stadium, so now basic pokemon have abilities.  My opponent's sudowoodo's ability activates, so I can only have 4 bench pokemon.  I discard the jolteon-ex.


Marshadow has rainbow energy + double colorless attached.  I want to copy Jolteon-ex's attack "swift ray" now that it is in the discard.  That option isn't there (can pick any other attack from my toolbox).  I SWEAR it wasn't there.



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