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Decks I Currently Use For Completing Daily Challenges


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I always find Theme decks are better for completing daily challenges as people don't tend to concede as much as Standard or Expanded.  With other types though I have to complete in a different format.  Here is what I use.


Fire: Relentless Flame (All)

Water: Torrential Cannon (All)

Lighting: Storm Caller (Evolution), Lightning Loop (Damage And Knockout)

Grass: Leaf Charge (Evolution), Celebi & Venusaur In Standard (Damage And Knockout)

Fighting: Rock Steady (All)

Darkness: Destruction Fang (All)

Metal: Roar Of Dusk In Standard (All) [This Ones Hard]

Fairy: Gardevoir GX/Sylveon GX/Gallade In Expanded (All)

Psychic: Wings Of Dawn In Standard (Evolution), Mew EX Night March In Expanded (Damage And Knockout)

Dragon: Match Strike (All)


What do you use for daily challenges?


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For All Evolution challenges, I use purpose-built decks which do nothing except evolve pokemon. They cannot win matches, because the energy has been removed to make room for additional trainers and pokemon.


I won't always use them, though. I have a Lost March deck, which works for Grass Evo (sort of), Dmg, & KO, and can do just as much Psychic Dmg/KO by attacking with Natu instead of Jumpluff.


I have a Pikachu & Zekrom GX deck for Lightning Dmg/KO.


I have an old Metagross GX deck that I still use for metal challenges, though it's been joined by an Alolan Dugtrio Deck.


I do use one of the newer Fire theme decks in events when I have Fire Dmg/KO.


Having maxed my level quite some time ago, I have 3 challenge slots to hold unfinished ones, and can choose any one of the 3 challenges on offer each evening. This means I rarely need to take a challenge I'm not ready for, though it does happen on occasion.

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Fire Blazing Volcano

Water : Hydro Fury

Lighting : Lightning Loop

Grass : Leaf charge

Fighting : Twilight Rogue

Darkness : Destruction Fang

Metal : Steel Sun (not tested yet, but already bought)

Fairy : Enchanted Echo (This one is really bad :( There is surely much better)

Psychic: Twilight Rogue

Dragon : Mach Strike


For evolution challenges, the fastest deck is indeed a specific one without energy.



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