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Tritman's Official Trade Thread! New! Updated!


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Welcome to my new trade thread! This one is going to be better than my old one! This is a card for packs thread. I have some primes and Legends.






NV Cards




Virizion X1. (2 packs)


Elgyem X2 (0.5 Packs)


Solosis Hollow. (1 pack)


Fraxure. (1.5 packs)




Cofagrigus X1 (With Ability) 2 packs


Fliptini FA X1 (3.5 packs)


Heatmor X1 (1 pack)


Cover Fossi X1l (0.5 packs)


Tirtouga X1 (1 pack)


Cryoganal X2 (1 pack)


Elektrik Hollow with ability. X1 (1.5 packs)


Rocky Helmet X1 (0.5 packs)


Xtransceiver X1 (0.5 packs)


Bisharp X2 (1 pack)


Emerging Powers.









Virizion. X1 (2 packs) Not FA


Virizion Hollow X1 (2 packs) Not FA


Tornaudus X1 (1.5 packs)






Blissey (1 pack)


Absol (2 packs)


Magnium (1.5 packs)


Celebii (2.5 packs








Dialga & Palkia Bottom (1.5 packs)






Serperior (2 packs)




What do you think about this thread? Leave Comments and trades Below.












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