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Mewtwo UNB 75 - bug?


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So, the attack on the newest Mewtwo say that the damage isn't affected by any effects on your opponent's active Pokemon.


I played a theme match. Mewtwo vs Mewtwo.


The Opponent's Mewtwo used Psyshock for 70 damage and it did 140 damage to me.


Which means that the damage was affected by Weakness.


Despite saying this attack's damage isn't affected by ANY effect.


So... how do you guys define "any", again?


Also, Searching for "Psyshock" in the client returns nothing, so I guess someone forgot to update the text for the release... 



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Weakness isn't considered as effect on defending Pokemon and is applied as normally. Game is working as intended.

On the other hand to not apply weakness attack should specifically state this(eg.zapdos).

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Not really. The terminology has been that way since the dawn of time.

It's true that it can be a bit confusing for beginners, but it's easier if you start to learn the proper terminology, rather than the game having to re-word a gazillion cards.

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9 hours ago, nautiscarader said:

Well... that can use a rewording. 


It was confusing enough, that they made an official ruling...


The term “any effects” does not include effects that alter Weakness and Resistance. (May 3, 2017 TPCi Rules Changes Announcement; May 18, 2017 TPCi Rules Team)


But as mentioned above, the "game mechanic" has been this way for a long time.  For example...


Q. Does Conkeldurr's "Chip Away" attack ignore effects such as Weakness and Resistance?
A. No, Weakness and Resistance are not considered effects; they are basic game mechanics and are not ignored by Chip Away. (Noble Victories FAQ; Nov 17, 2011 PUI Rules Team)


Q. Machoke's "Knuckle Down" attack says the amount of damage is "not affected by Poke-Powers, Poke-Bodies, or any other effects on the Defending Pokemon". Does that mean it ignores Weakness & Resistance too?
A. Weakness & Resistance are not considered as effects on the Defending Pokemon, so they are not ignored. (Jun 9, 2011 PUI Rules Team)


Q. If my Zebstrika with the "Zap Zone" Ability attacks a Pokemon with {L} Weakness, does the Weakness get ignored because of "Zap Zone"?
A. No, Weakness & Resistance are game mechanics, they are not effects that would be ignored because of Zap Zone. (BREAKpoint FAQ; Feb 11, 2016 TPCi Rules Team)


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Basically: an effect really is an effect, such as the effect of an Ability or the effect of an Attack. Weakness and resistance aren't effects, just like retreat cost, HP, and attack cost.

However, now that I wrote that, I'm wondering about a ruling. What if a Pokemon with Psychic weakness affected by Phantom Forces Pachirisu's Trick Sticker is attacked by Mewtwo? Does it negate the effect of Trick Sticker changing weakness to Lightning and cause double damage, or does weakness stay as Lightning?

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