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Retina Display Logic


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On a Macbook Pro running macOS Mojave 10.14.4 (18E226) and Client version


I think you need to update your resolution support. Sometimes I'm on my retina display, sometimes I'm on a connected traditional display. When I'm on a traditional display, the game is too large to even accept the daily popup. When I'm on my laptop, I have to be on 2880x1800. 


Apparently I have a 3360x2100 display that's 13.3" and the DPI is 298. Your resolution selector should adjust for different *DPI so that the 'resolution' setting is more of a 'size' setting that's invariant across displays. This is how every other game I've played on my mac works, including Riot and Blizzard and all the Steam-purchased games I've played so far. 

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