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Psychic / Dark deck assistance


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Hi all, I am here for some assistance with my physical pokemon cards. 

I have aquaired alot of dark and psychic cards for a cheap amount from my local card store.

I have put them all together and am now wondering where to go from here, I have got a rough deck using alot of the cards put together but it is not the best that I believe it can be.

Pls remember that I don’t have infinite money to spend on pokemon cards, although if I’m lucky I may be able to get some from my local card store.

So, I will post a list of all the cards I have below and if poeple could pls make suggestions on some deck builds that would be great. I will not post the trainers but I have access to some good ones. If you want you can suggest a deck build with a couple more of some of the GX/EX’s and I may be able to work towards getting those. Also, I do have access to alot more non GX or EX pokemon however I will only post the ones I believe are pretty essential. So, here goes:

Eevee - 101/149 (x3)

Umbreon GX - 80/149 (x1)

Espeon GX - Promo SM35 (x1)

Yveltal - 65/114 (x2)

Darkrai - 87/147 (x1)

Darkrai EX - 74/122 (x1)

Malamar EX - 58/119 (x1)

Alolan Grimer - 57/149 (x1)

Alolan Muk GX - 84/147 (x1)

Yveltal BREAK - 66/144 (x1)

Tyranitar EX - 42/98 (x1)

M Tyranitar EX - 43/98 (x1)

Toxicroak EX - 41/106 (x1)

Lunala GX - 66/149 (x1)

Thanks in advance to anyone who posts a suggestion, I will try to consider all of them ? 







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With what you have, the only thing you can really do is make a turbo Darkrai deck.


You still need more of the cards to make the deck though.

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That is what I am currently doing online. I have considered it however I would definetly need some more darkrai EXs and some GXs.

I was also wondering about building a deck that does widespread damage powering up M Tyranitar EX’s attack or a special conditions deck using Alolan Muk GX.

Anyone else have any suggestions or deck lists they can suggest?

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Anyone have any suggestions for a temporary deck to use untill I get some more cards or a deck to aim for in the futute?

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After doing some research, I have discovered that dark decks are really dead...


A sablelye\Garbordor deck finished 9th at the most recent event. You can find that lost on limitlesstcg.com.

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