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Looking for packs!


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Although I have traded several of my primes to build a ZEST, I still do have some good offers for some old packs, if you have any. :)




3 pack cards




Shaymin (unleashed) - 3 unleashed or 3 HGSS


3 Zekrom (B/W) (FA) - 3 B/W or 3 Unleashed each




2 pack cards




Ampharos (HGSS) (prime) - 2 HGSS or Unleashed


Blissey (HGSS) (prime) - 2 HGSS or Unleashed


Tornadus (EP) (FA) - 2 EP, 2 B/W or 2 Unleashed


<strike>Thundurus (EP) (FA) - 2 EP, 2 B/W or 2 Unleashed</strike>


Darkrai and Cresselia LEGNED (Bottom half only) 2 UNleashed or 2 HGSS


Eviolite- 2 HGSS, 2 Unleashed or 2 Triumphant




1 pack cards




Junk Arm (holo) - HGSS, Unleashed, Undaunted, or Triumphant


Dark Energy (HGSS art) - HGSS, Unleashed, or triumphant


Gyarados (red) (HGSS) - HGSS, Undaunted, or Triumphant


2 Vanilluxe (Noble Victories) - B/W, HGSS, or Unleashed each


2 Eelektrik (Noble Victories) - HGSS, B/W, or Unleashed


4 Eelektross (1 holo) (Noble Victories) - HGSS or Unleashed, all 4 for 3 Packs


Hydreigon (Noble Victories) (Line holo) - HGSS or Unleashed


Haxorus (Noble Victories) - UNleashed or HGSS


Victini (Fliptini) (Noble Victories) - Unleashed or HGSS


Dialga (CoL) - HGSS, UNleashed, Undaunted or EP






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I'd like to take a Shaymin for three packs. However, I don't have the packs right now. I should be able to get them soon though. That alright with you?




EDIT: Ooooh, I like some of your other stuff too. Especially the Vanilluxe and Victini. Would you be willing to hold onto those too? I should still have enough packs to get all of them once I get some cards, which should be tomorrow.


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