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Item-block and Discard counter deck


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I built this to counter the decks that I hate more than anything else in the game. It works pretty good so far, i lack a few of the cards to complete it so I sub'd in alternate cards or duplicates as needed. Review's welcome, I know there's still some gaps to fill in regards to reuniclus and magnezone and eelektrik.


22 Pokemon | 22 Trainers | 16 Energy






3-3-2 abiliboar (60hp tepig, Flame Charge Pignite)


x4 Audino (Powerful Slap, Heal Pulse)


x2 Reshiram


x1 V-create Victini


x1 Fliptini


x1 cleffa


2-1 Ninetales


x2 Heatmor






x2 Cheren


x3 Fisherman


x1 Pokemon Collector


x2 Elm


x2 Oak


x2 Dual Ball


x1 Catcher


x3 Pokemon Communication


x3 Recycle


x3 Switch






x16 Fire Energy


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that's fine with me, i'll take free cards any day of the week :D




Just made some changes to this deck, took out 1 audino and 1 heatmor in exchange for 1 regular emboar and 1 v-create victini.


I don't want to take out both of the heatmor because vs 130hp basics with rocky helm / evolite i can at least get a clean ko with v-create victini. The exchange is harsh because it'll be a little harder to fill bench space, but emboar is necessary if goth chain is allowed to develope.


For online play, i'm basically only using fliptini for vulpix start, 1st turn powerful slap, and cleffa sleep control. If fliptini bugs, i put him in for a 30dmg attack and follow with v-create victini or audino. he also makes excellent catcher bait.


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