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Switch Console port? and In-Game purchases?


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Yes a second post so soon....


I was wondering if we'd ever get a console port for the switch? It'd increase the player base substantially especially if cross play is allowed. I would love to play this game on the console in fact I'd buy a switch just so I can play it :lol:.


Also will we ever get in game currency we can purchase with real money? Obviously dont charge crazy high for in game packs so like maybe 10cents for old packs that never came with codes and 35cents for current generation packs (and 15 - 20cents for everything in between). Maybe limit players on how many packs they can purchase as well and dont allow those packs to be traded only packs you get from codes can be traded.


And before its mentioned I dont think it'd hurt sales of actual real life packs etc as people love having physical cards to hold and show off. Me and my friends spend hundreds monthly on packs and they usually give me their codes as they dont play online and just so we can hear the packs opening smell the new cards laugh when one of them gets a Magicarp for the 50th time. You know, good times. So obviously that shouldn't change people's purchasing habits.


I talk a lot...

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Hey AlexGoneCrazy!


A Switch port for PTCGO has been suggested a few times by other trainers. I think it would be a neat way to play and might get me away from Zelda & Let's Go, Eevee! for a bit :D .


I'll wrap up notes for this and send your suggestions to the dev team!

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