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Looking for Pokemon Catchers


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I need to get my mitts on some Pokemon Catchers and, ideally, a Kyurem or two. I've got a good deal for trade, but I'll list out the best of it here.




2x Foil Ability Leavanny


1x Virizion (Giga Drain/Sacred Sword)


2x Ninetales (1 is foil)


3x Gyarados (1 is foil)


1x Lugia Legend (Top Half)


1x Palkia


2x Ampharos Prime


1x Holo Eelektross


2x Holo Gothitelle


1x Holo Excadrill


1x Holo Hitmontop


1x Holo Terrakion (Sacred Sword)


1x Holo Hydreigon


1x Cobalion


1x Haxorus


1x Entei & Raikou Legend Top Half


1x Foil Houndoom


1x Foil Bisharp (Metal)


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