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LF Night Hunter Trainer Kit


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Hey y'all, I was trying to tag all the theme decks I want for trade, and accidentally opened this. Looking for a copy (and any feedback on a reasonable rate). The current trade I have posted is a Cynthia FA for it, but can go higher if that's what it takes, or offer some reverse holos or gameplays you might not have.


I'm also looking for all the BW Theme Decks, but want to take care of Night Hunter first if possible.


Other decks I need:


Iron Tide
Stone Heart
Aurora Blast
Storm Rider
Claw Barrage
Bolt Twister
Burning Winds
Dark Hammer
Enchanted Echo
Brilliant Thunder
Destruction Rush
Chespin Deck
Fennekin Deck
Froakie Deck
Mind Wipe
Solar Strike
Frost Ray
Psy Crusher
Plasma Claw
Plasma Shadow
Voltage Vortex
Fast Daze
Power Play
Toxic Tricks
Blue Assault
Green Tornado
Red Frenzy
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