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Sell 2x Tropical beach 2012 LF packs or FA-SR cards


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Post me your offers accepting only lost thunder and team up packs



this is list cards which i need  when you see * this mean priority


OFC i dont want all this for 1 card  :mellow:


One sold vs 210 packs




2xGardevoir GX  159/147

4xLunala GX 172/156

4xPikachu & Zekrom GX 184/181

4xRayquaza GX 177/168 

4xSolgaleo GX 173/156

4x Ultra Necrozma GX 78/70 

4xGengar & Mimikyu 186/181




4x choice band 162/147 *

4x beast ring 141/131

4x mysterious treasure 145/131

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