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Some Theme-Matchups


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Hello, lately I played alot of Themedecks Versus and already played some tournaments, and there are still some Decks I have problems with. Please also say which decks could counter the following (I own Steel Sun, Torrential Cannon, Blazing Volcano and Imperial Command, the latter being my most played, I also got 500 coins to get another deck)


- Relentless Flames


I don't know why I struggle so much vs. this, but I always seem to win early. But once that Nidoqueen is up I just cannot do anything but hand the game over. I had a game where I played Blazing Volcano vs Relentless Flames, had 2 Prize Cards left while he had 5, yet he won because Timerball is balanced. Funnily, I struggle the most against this deck with Imperial Command and Torrential Cannon, while Blazing Volcano is mostly one-sided.


- Blazing Volcano


I really don't know how to play against this with what. I tried everything. The base decks (Trainer-Challenge Gen 5-8), Imperial Command, Torrential Cannon, yet I seem to get hardsmashed every game. One that Houndoom is up you mostly just have no chance anymore.


- Mach Strike


This is probably the least problematic on my list since I mostly seem to win against this, but that is if I have more luck at the start and not if I play more "skillfully". It's just annoying to see that Turn 3 Garchomp destroying my team.


- Sky Guardian


I don't know why I struggle against Sky Guardian decks so much. Maybe it's that Lugia Active.




But as it seems, I seem to lose most games because my opponent gets a lucky 2-Head Timerball everytime I'm close to finishing.

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