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one large trade


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Machamp prime


4 machokes</strike>


<strike>3 machops</strike>


<strike>2 ampharos prime


1 crobat prime 3 non prime crobat</strike>


<strike>4 golbats</strike>


<strike>4 zubats</strike>


<strike>2 donphan prime</strike>


<strike>2 phanpy</strike>




<strike>2 steelix</strike>


<strike>1 floatzel</strike>


<strike>1 tyrouge</strike>


<strike>1 samurott ability</strike>




<strike>1 rainbow energy</strike>


<strike>3 rescue energy




ASKING FOR</strike>


<strike>1 mountain eater larvitar</strike>


<strike>1 pokebody pupitar</strike>


<strike>1Tyranitar prime</strike>


<strike>2-2 snesal-weavile line</strike>


<strike>2 nasty plot zoroark</strike>


<strike>2 lunge zorua</strike>


<strike>2 umbreon non prime</strike>


<strike>4 special darkness energy</strike>




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So you're saying you want to trade everything you have listed as a have, for everything you have listed as wants?


Oh and, does a RH Zoroark matter, or do you just want the normal version?


I could do it if you don't mind the RH


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i have posted this in the public trades, and im wondering if nobody has accepted it due to not having the cards or is it an unfair trade


in addition if anyone wants to make the trade with me it would be appreciated.




Machamp prime


4 machokes


3 machops


2 ampharos prime


1 crobat prime 3 non prime crobat


4 golbats


4 zubats


2 donphan prime


2 phanpy




2 steelix


1 floatzel


1 tyrouge


1 samurott ability




1 rainbow energy


3 rescue energy




1 mountain eater larvitar


1 pokebody pupitar


1Tyranitar prime


2-2 snesal-weavile line


2 nasty plot zoroark


2 lunge zorua


2 umbreon non prime


4 special darkness energy


I can do this trade if you still need it.


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i still need the trade.




i'll put the cards in my binder incase either of you log on.


i dont mind reverse holo if thats what RH stands for


its also in the public trades incase you see it there


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