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[GAME BUG] Nincada not taking recoil damage / Lugia reducing recoil damage


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Cards Involved: Nincada (XY—Roaring Skies #9), Lugia (XY—Fates Collide #78)

Expected Action: Nincada's 'Slight Intrusion' should deal 0 damage to Lugia due to its ability 'Pressure' reducing damage by 20 and Nincada should take 10 recoil damage.

Actual Action: 'Slight Intrusion' did 0 damage to Lugia but Nincada did not take any recoil damage.

Steps to Reproduce: Have a Nincada use 'Slight Intrusion' on Lugia.

Personal Thoughts: I think that this is probably caused due to Lugia's ability 'Pressure'. I think that 'Pressure' is also reducing recoil damage by 20.

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Your thoughts are correct as to the cause, but since Lugia's attack reads (in part):


any damage done by attacks from your opponent's Active Pokémon is reduced by 20


It reduces ANY damage done by the attack, no matter where that damage is applied. So this is intended.

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