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Hi i need help improving this deck i made.


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A Psychic Deck Called Psychic Sleep




pokemon 21


1 Cleffa


3 drowzee's


3 hypno's


4 munna's


3 musharna


4 yamask


3 cofagrigus good ability kind


energy 16


14 psychic


2 rescue


supporters 8


1 cheren


2 pk collectors


1 professor elm


3 professor oak


1 twins


tools 3


3 rocky helmets


trainers 12


1 dual ball


1 junk arm


3 catchers


4 pk communications


3 switchs


hi just made this deck last night and i think it needs more work and im looking for more advice on how to improve it


basically u want hypno on your bench and try to get some instant sleeps on your opponents pokemon then you do


90 dmg with musharna while he still has a chance to be asleep between turns and threw in cofagrigus so u can fight


or even stall with him cause he has a 50/50 chance not to be knocked out as you power up your musharn's also to slap


the rocky helms on cofagrigus so u can still do dmg and then if he gets heads still up and fighting but catchers seem to


be a problem with this deck so im looking to throw in a dodrio but not sure what to take out to help with the retreat cost


issue from the catchers, atm have 3 switchs in this deck any advice on improving this deck would help! : )


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Most of your cards are Psychic type, so instead of using Dodrio, try Psychic-type Metagross. Metagross is also pretty bulky and should be able to deal some damage. But, the big reason for using this card is the Poke-Body, which gives all Pokemon with Psychic Energy a free retreat cost. Metagross is a Stage 2, so cards like Pokemon Communication, Professor Elm's Training Method, and Rare Candy can help you set up.


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too many energies not enough supporters at most you only want 12-14 energies including special. Draw supporters will help you get those energies anyways.


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