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LF: Latias EX (Plasma Freeze 112-full art)


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Not sure what to put up for this one, so I’m open to offers/requests.

Also looking for HGSS10 Latias and HGSS11 Latios. I know these two can be hard to come by, but thought I’d ask anyway in case somebody is willing to trade ‘em.


My collection;



Aerodactyl EX (xy97)

Alolan Golem GX (Crimson Invasion 34/111) x3

Alolan Golem GX (Crimson Invasion 113/111)

Alolan Ninetales GX (Guardians Rising 22/145)

Black Kyurem EX (Plasma Storm 95/135)

Blaziken GX (Celestial Storm 28/168) x2

“Prism Star” Celebi (Lost Thunder 19/214) x2

Chandelure EX (Legendary Treasures 77/113)

Charizard EX (Flashfire 11/106) x2

Cresselia EX (Boundaries Crossed 67/149) x2

Darkrai GX (Burning Shadows 88/147)

Dialga GX (Forbidden Light 82/131)

Dragonite EX (Furious Fists 74/111)

Drampa GX (Guardians Rising 115/145)

Eevee GX (SM175)

Emboar EX (BREAKpoint 14/122)

Entei GX (Shining Legends 71/73)

Flareon EX (Generations RC6/RC32)

Flareon EX (Generations RC28/RC32)

Florges BREAK (BREAKthrough 104/162)

Flygon EX (XY61)

Gardevoir EX (Steam Seige 78/114)

Gardevoir EX (Steam Seige 111/114) x2

Gardevoir EX (Generations RC30/RC32)

Glaceon GX (Ultra Prism 39/156)

Glalie EX (BREAKthrough 34/162)

Gorebyss (Primal Clash 52/160)

Gumshoos GX (Sun&Moon 110/149) x2

Heatran EX (Plasma Freeze 109/116)

Ho-oh GX (Burning Shadows 21/147)

Hoopa GX (Team-up 187/181)

Keldeo EX (Legendary Treasures 45/113)

Keldeo EX (BW61)

Kommo-o GX (Guardians Rising 141/145)

M Camerupt EX (XY198a)

M Camerupt EX (XY198)

M Charizard EX (Generations 12/83)

M Gardevoir EX (Steam Seige 112/114) x3

M Houndoom EX (BREAKthrough 154/162)

M Kangaskhan EX (Flashfire 79/106)

M Manectric EX (Phantom Forces 24/119)

M Sharpedo EX (XY200)

M Steelix EX (Steam Seige 68/114)

M Tyranitar EX (Ancient Origins 43/98)

Magnezone EX (Flashfire 35/106)

Mewtwo EX (BREAKthrough 62/162)

Mr. Mime GX (Team-up 67/181)

Noivern BREAK (BREAKthrough 113/162)

Pidgeot EX (Evolutions 64/108)

Pikachu EX (XY174)

Primal Kyogre EX (Primal Clash 55/160)

Raichu (Evolutions 36/108)

Rayquaza EX (Roaring Skies 60 / 108) x2

Reshiram (Legendary Treasures RC22/RC25) x4

Reshiram GX (SM137)

Rhyperior (Primal Clash 77/160)

Salazzle GX (Burning Shadows 132/147)

Sceptile GX (Lost Thunder 216/214)

Sharpedo EX (Primal Clash 91/160)

“Prism Star” Shaymin (Team-up 10/181)

Shaymin EX (Legendary Treasures RC21/RC24) x2

Shiftry GX (Celestial Storm 169/168)

Shuckle GX (Lost Thunder 215/214)

Sigilyph GX (Lost Thunder 202/214)

Stakataka GX (Celestial Storm 102/168)

Starmie BREAK (Evolutions 32/108)

Suicune GX (Lost Thunder 60/214)

Sylveon EX (Generations RC32/RC32)

Sylveon GX (Guardians Rising 92/145)

Tapu Fini GX (Burning Shadows 39/147)

Tapu Koko GX (Guardians Rising 47/145)

Tapu Koko GX (Guardians Rising 153/145)

Tauros GX (Boundaries Crossed 156/149)

Tornadus EX (Evolutions 90/108)

Tornadus EX (Evolutions 108/108)

Toxicroak EX (Flashfire 102/106)

Tsareena GX (SM56)

Turtonator GX (Guardians Rising 131/145)

Tyranitar EX (Ancient Origins 42/98)

Tyranitar GX (Lost Thunder 223/214)

Ultra Necrozma GX (Forbidden Light 95/131)

Umbreon GX (Boundaries Crossed 80/149)

Venusaur EX (XY28)

Vikavolt GX (Guardians Rising 45/145)

Virizion GX (Lost Thunder 34/214)

Virizion GX (Lost Thunder 217/214)

“Prism Star” Volcanion (Forbidden Light 31/131) x3

Wailord EX (Primal Clash 38/160) x2

Xerneas GX (Forbidden Light 126/131)

Yveltal GX (Forbidden Light 79/131)

Zapdos EX (Plasma Storm 48/135)







Thank you.

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