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Trading:Wants and Haves list


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<strike>1 ability emboar</strike>


<strike>1 dce</strike>


<strike>1 rare candy</strike>


<strike>1 foul play zoroark</strike>


<strike>1 lanturn prime</strike>


3 reshis(promo)






1 Ursurang


<strike>1 Magnezone</strike>


<strike>2 Kindra</strike>


Playable cards:


2 Thundurus


3 eviolite


1 ability mismagius


4 super rods


2 seekers


3 pcoms


1 pokegear 3.0


3 cheren


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Thanks for the trade~



I actually found a good deal on that so I had 4


ty for allowing me to unload promos on you


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