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searching public trades seems broken in a number of ways


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First:  If I bring up the card filter dialog, don't click on anything, then cancel it by clicking the red X at the top right corner, I get a message that my filter parameters don't return any search results.  But I didn't select any filter options (in fact I just canceled the whole thing), so I should be seeing all results.


Second:  The search occasionally gets into a broken state where no text-based search ever returns any results.  To fix, I have to click the refresh from server button.  Like, I'll see a particular card in the list of public offers, but when I search for that same card by name I get no results.


Third:  The list of cards matching a particular search seems to auto-update, and when you scroll to the end of the list it's often impossible to click on a given offer (to see its details) before the list updates and that row isn't where it used to be.


It would be simpler (and no doubt easier to code) if the search functionality were just request/response based with no automatic updating.  User enters his/her filter parameters, includes any text terms, clicks "search" and gets back a list of matching offers.  This list is static; it doesn't change until the user submits another search.

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