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Question about Trading?


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When I click on the "offers" section, people post things like "see my binder". Is there a quick way to do this? Scrolling through "Select a Partner" in the New Trade section takes to long...


Also, is there a way to save my "binder"?




Thank you


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Hey how do you go to the "offers section"







From the main screen:


1) Hit the trade tab


2) Once the new screen has loaded hit the tab on the right marked "offers"


3) Click the "Public" tab to see the section I'm refering to above


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Currently, there is no way to quick view a players binder from their public trade offer sadly.




As far as saving your binder, outside of simply updating it online, there is no way to save it externally or something similar to that. The memory leak issue simply prevents players from keeping their binders the way it is. We appreciate the comments tho! Thanks for your input!




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