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LF: Full-art Pikachu & Zekrom GX's [DONE]


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ALL  DONE.  Got all that we needed.  Thanks for the help and advice.


I'm not sure why I'm having a hard time getting these in Public Offers, so I thought it's worth a try here.  At the very least, maybe someone has advice about what I'm doing wrong?


Looking for Full-art Pikachu & Zekrom GX's (TEU 162).


Outcast has them valued at ~12.5.  The common "selling" price in-game seems to be 14 Team Up packs. ...Even as low as 11-12 TEU.  Since I'm a poor cowboy, I don't have a ton of Team Up boosters for all of them.  I've been offering 15+ value (again, according to Outcast's guide) for several days now, without a single success.


Offering for each:


4 Team Up

4 Lost Thunder

4 Guardians Rising

4 Shining Legends (or Dragon Majesty, your choice)

4 Pikachu Boxes


Willing to negotiate.  If you have an extra, please respond here or send a friend request in-game.  As you may have guessed, they're also listed in Public trading.



EDIT:  One down, my offer accepted in Public trading.


EDIT:  Three more down, and 2 to go.  Accepted someone's Public trade for 11 TEU, and two of my offers were accepted.


EDIT:  Another Public offering was accepted.  Looking for just one more now.


EDIT:  Got the last one today.  On to the next hunt.

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You're not the only one, i find it harder to get full art version of the new GXs! harder to get than RR or RA versions lol.


I did get one recently for 13 Lst packs though, i think offering straight packs is better imo. 

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I think in your case I may be able to help, I have a guy that I use to buy packs from very cheap,

Im not going to give you his email contact here but I will send you a per message so you contact him.


Tell him you're looking for 6 of them and kevin sent you.


I think your offer is pretty fair.... All day long im in the trade section and just shake my head, but you on the other hand are offering a fair amount.... You already know the reason why your having problems is bc its the top 3 cards in the game. most sellers know if they wait a few days they will get their asking "if not a crazy asking" for that card.. BUT you're wanting 6 of them, just like everything in life the price drops with bulk orders...


I can tell you this rob, if you just offer him straight cash for the 6 cards, he will prob knock down the price pretty good... he has several ways to accept payment...

If this does not work rob, I would go to yabe "spell it backwards"  and contact all the big players selling online cards or the guys selling FA Pikachu & Zekrom GX's (TEU 162) and offer them your trade you posted here...


I have been very successful going to yabe and contacting the major pokemon online sellers and getting the cards I want at a much lower price


hope this helps

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Thank you both for the advice.  And to Chasista, for the thoughtful PM's.
Yay!  Someone finally accepted one of my Public offers.  It was just a random guy, but it gave me hope.  I was starting to wonder.  Did I miss a memo?


Maybe it's not just me that has a much harder time collecting these huge sets (LOT & TEU), especially the better, playable cards.

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So far, since posting this thread, 3 of my trades have been accepted, and I grabbed another for 11 Team Up packs in Public Offers.


We still need 2 more of this card.  Willing to negotiate if someone has other ideas in mind.

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Did you get the 6 you needed?

Thank you for the follow-up.  Not yet.  I've got four (five) of them, with two (one) more to go.


I have those offers up in Public trading still, and have just been holding fast to see if they go through.  I finally broke down, since I get them cheap, and ordered Team Up code cards.  If my offers don't get accepted by tomorrow, I plan to just snap them up at 11-12 TEU instead of messing around any longer.


Nice of you to ask.  Thanks man.


EDIT:  Another Public offering was accepted.  Looking for just one more now.  :)


EDIT:  Got the last one today.  Yay!  This deck is DONE.

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