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I'm almost done with my deck and i need a few cards. This is what i need:


4x Rare Candies(3 each)


2x Tornadus(1.5 each) I would perferably like non FA but ill take it for 2 each instead of 1.5.


1x Collectors(2 each)


Xx packs(perferably HGSS but ill take any)


This is what I have:


2-2-1 seismitoad line(.5 for whole line)


2x dark bisharp(1 each)


1x fliptini(2.5)


2-1 Donphan P line(5 packs)


2x copycat(.5 each)


1x N(.5)


1x rocky helmet(.5)


1x Super rod(.5)


These are a few cards im williming to part for for a good trade:


4-2-3 T-tar P line


3-1-2 Hydreigon line


And thats it. Happy trading.




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